Our Mission
Our company is dedicated to giving you and your residents the
service and quality you demand in a leading laundry service
provider and route operator.
              Our number one goal is customer satisfaction.


           We've been in business for over 75 years
      Call our toll free number: 800-535-WASH (9274)
Company Profile

Sholiton....the difference is much more than the toss of a coin!  
Call us for our free survey at 937-222-3737 or 800-535-9274.

What we do... Sholiton Professionalism vs. The 'other guy'.

The Survey... Generating maximum profits from a laundry facility
takes more than meets the eye.  Sholiton conducts extensive
research so residents wants and needs are perfectly matched
to your facility capabilities.  The results help ensure the most
accurate bid possible and a thorough understanding of what
you and your residents can expect from the laundry facility.

The Bid...  Complete and competitive.  When it is time to submit
a proposal, you can be sure Sholiton will be competitive.  
Experience has taught us the most cost effective way of
providing quality  laundry services.  When you compare all the
extra support you receive from Sholiton with the 'other guys'
there is really no contest among route operators.

Collections you can bank on...  No other company comes close
to Sholiton in the area of collections.  We take collections very
seriously.  Making sure you earn as much money as possible is
a dedication.

Maintenance and Service...  Because faulty equipment does not
make money.  Every time a piece of equipment fails, we all lose
money.  To minimize that risk, Sholiton has our headquarters
nearby so you can get in touch with anyone in the company, for
whatever reason, quickly and easily.  We have thoroughly
trained technicians who live in the area we service. We offer
minimal equipment downtime or we replace it.  Our experience
and professionalism are without equal in the coin laundry

Sholiton equipment vs. The 'other guy"...  If you have a specific
equipment request for your laundry facility, Sholiton can
provide and service it.